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About Us

Winspire facilitates execution of significant changes by making our expertise and experience available to our clients.

Client abilities, culture and resources
Client abilities, culture and resources come first, methods second. We base our work on our clients’ methods – or we bring in our own, all depending on the clients’ preference
Senior consultants
Senior consultants offer a broad set of competences
Corporate backgrounds
Corporate backgrounds - we have been there ourselves, and we know what it takes to make changes succeed in the long haul


What We Do.

Winspire is the preferred partner when major change activities in the organization are to be initiated and have a helping hand. We have played crucial roles in connection with the implementation of major IT projects, mergers, adaptation of organizations, and by establishing better collaboration structures and communication among employees.

Strategy Execution

We connect the dots between overall strategy and objectives, tasks and actions of business units and individuals to ensure that strategies are executed effectively and efficiently

Deriving clear objectives from the strategy

Engagement of employees and managers

Cascading and coordination of objectives
Awareness generation

Ensuring focus and resources for the execution process

Measuring and follow up

Project and Program Management

We take on the responsibility of managing large and complex projects and programs, focusing on the overall business transformation, commercial benefits, budget and time.
Full scale project and program management

Training of sponsors and steering committees

Optimisation of project organisations

ICT enabled change programs

Executive Sponsorship and Support

Project reviews

Organisational Change Management

We facilitate successful execution of complex organisational change projects, focusing on involvement and engagement of employees and managers alike.

Assessment of change readiness and capacity

Creating awareness of changes

Engaging the organisation

Facilitation of clear objective setting

Executive Sponsorship and Support

Competence building and sustainability

Leadership and Employee Development

We work with managers, employees and teams to ensure that they are all fit for meeting the future challenges of their organisation.

Competence evaluation and development

Leadership development

Sparring, coaching, and mentoring

Personal development

Development of high performance teams


See Our Featured Projects.

Winspires has solved tasks for large private and public companies in Denmark and the rest of the world.

Sparnord Outsourcing/migration

Programme Director
300,000 Workhours
Transition of ICT Business transformation

Ikano Bank Programme Manager

Scope: optimization & transition.
Executing Nordic transformation of Service Operations to one common hub.

Danbolig Project lead

Scope: Outsourcing IT
Mapping Business needs and IT capabilities – outsourcing,operations and support on core systems.

IT Service management

Optimize MI processes, ITIL. Training in service culture.

Did you know that...?

  • Heuristics may outperform data-driven decisions in large change programmes.

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    Kenneth Schørring Expert in IT projects, programs and project portfolios


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